Go Green

Vierkant Disposal launched our "Go Green" organics program in the summer of 2008 for our city of Edina customers to recycle their yard waste and organic material. We are currently the only hauler in the city that accepts organics material at the curb.  Customers who choose to participate in our organics program will be given the option of participating in a per bag program or our subscription program that includes an organics/yard waste cart (See Below for Pricing and details). Organics pick up does continue throughout the winter but will be bi-weekly collection.

Below are lists of what can and cannot go into yard waste and organics

For a printable version of these lists, click here.


YES (Acceptable Items):

Food Scraps

Fruits and Vegetables

Meat, Fish, & Bones

Bread, Pasta, & Baked Goods

Egg Shells

Dairy Products

Coffee Grounds


Paper Products

Paper Towels & Napkins

Paper Plates & Cups

Pizza Boxes

Egg Cartons

Boxes From Refrigerated & Frozen Foods

Waxed Paper (butter wraps, pastry bags,  

fast-food wraps)

Paper Bags (flour & sugar)

Paper Containers (remove metal handles)

Coffee Filters and Tea Bags


Tissues & Cotton Balls

Houseplant & Flower Trimmings


No (Do NOT Include These Items):


Plastics, Metal, or Glass*

Plastic Bags

Juice Boxes and Milk Cartons

Foil-Lined Containers

Condiment Packets

Diapers & Wipes

Kitty Litter & Pet Waste

Full Vacuum Cleaner Bags

Construction Materials

Dead Animals

Yard Waste

YES (Acceptable Items):

Grass Clippings


Garden Waste

Plant and Shrub Trimmings



Sticks and Twigs​​

No (Do NOT Include These Items)




Pet Waste and Kitty Litter

Construction Material




Dead Animals

*Note: Please continue to recycle cardboard, glass, paper, metal, and plastic

Organics and yard waste are collected weekly and are offered to our customers in Edina by a per bag program or a subscription program

Our per bag program allows customers to put out certified compostable bags of yard waste and organics and bundles of brush at the curb and be charged every time one is set out. Customers who choose this per bag program will be charged $3.00 per bag or bundle of organics and yard waste they place at the curb. 

Our Subscription program is a one time cost of $102 for the entire year and you are provided a 64-gallon cart and allowed an unlimited number of bags and bundles.

All compost or yard waste not in a cart or personal can should be bagged or bundled neatly next to your cart. Vierkant Disposal no longer excepts yard waste on tarps placed at the curb for collection, tarps containing yard waste will be left at the curb. All bundles should be cut down to no longer than 4 feet in length and logs should be no larger than 5 inches in diameter. Bags of yard waste and organics should not weight over 50 pounds each.

Small piles of brush neatly piled at the curb without being tied up may also be excepted at drivers discrepancy.

For any questions about organics and yard waste pick up, for inquiries about broken carts or addition carts, or to sign up for a subscription or per-bag service, please contact us.

To report a missed pickup or a late set-out for yard waste or organics, please contact us.​​​​​​