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City of Edina

The city of Edina offers an open market system when it comes to choosing your trash provider. This means that residents are free to choose whom they would like to provide their garbage and yard waste service. Here at Vierkant, we value your right to choose your trash hauler and therefore try to provide the best and upmost professional waste removal service in the City of Edina.

Vierkant Disposal is one of six licensed haulers that residents may choose from when needing garbage and yard waste removal. Below is all the information Edina residents should need to learn how we collect your trash in a clean, safe, friendly manner, and if you come to find you would like to start service with Vierkant, please don't hesitate to contact us.

If you cannot physically get your garbage and yard waste carts to the curb or simply want our walk-up service, please contact us.

Cart Sizes

Vierkant offers three sizes of carts including a 32 gallon (fits about 2-3 kitchen bags of trash), a 64 gallon (fits 4-6 kitchen bags of trash), and a 96 gallon (fits 7-10 kitchen bags of trash) See Below For Pictures. When it comes to your yard waste cart we offer a 64-gallon or 35-gallon cart size. If you come to find either your garbage or your yard waste cart is too small you can call our office to request larger or second garbage or yard waste carts.


Vierkant Disposal currently offers weekly garbage pickup for the city of Edina. As stated above we offer 35, 64, and 96-gallon carts for our customers.

The City of Edina splits the city up into 5 different service days, to see which day your trash pickup is please reference the map below.

We ask that all garbage and yard waste carts are at the curb for collection by 7 am on your service day.

Any extra trash must be bagged and placed neatly next to your cart for pickup and large quantities may result in a small one-time fee on your bill.

If you would like pickup of an appliance, furniture item, or large quantity of extra trash, please contact us for pricing of collection and to make us aware of the setout before your service day.

Vierkant Disposal does not dispose of hazardous waste such as harmful chemicals, paint, propane, etc.

For a link to Hennepin County's Household Hazardous Waste Drop-off locations, Click Here.

For any inquires about broken carts, getting a larger or smaller garbage cart, or getting an additional garbage cart please contact us.

To Report a late set-out for garbage or a missed pickup for garbage, please contact us.

For more information on Vierkant's garbage service in the City of Edina please contact us.


Edina Garbage Rates

The Following are current Vierkant Prices for weekly trash pickup for the City of Edina. Here at Vierkant you can sign up and cancel service at any time, with no extra fees, no contracts. For more information on pricing, to sign up, or cancel service please contact us.

35 Gallon Garbage Cart - $20 per month - taxes and fees included

64 Gallon Garbage Cart - $22 per month - taxes and fees included

96 Gallon Garbage Cart - $24 per month - taxes and fees included

Refer a friend or neighbor and receive one month free no matter your cart size!



The City of Edina contracts a private hauler to collect recycling for the entire city of Edina, because of this Vierkant Disposal does not offer recycling collection for the city.

For more information on curbside recycling for the City of Edina please visit the city's recycling page.

Yard Waste

Vierkant Disposal no longer accepts organics mixed with yard waste. If you wish to recycle your organics you must use your city organics cart.

Yard waste is collected weekly, Spring through Fall (weather depending) -see "News" under Home Page of website for specific dates regarding collection. Waste collection does not continue through the winter. Yard waste is offered through a subscription program and a per bag program. 


Our per bag program allows customers to put out paper or certified compostable bags of yard waste or bundles of brush at the curb and be charged every time one is set out. Customers who choose this per bag program will be charged $5.00 per bag or bundle of yard waste they place at the curb. 

Our Subscription program is a one-time cost of $156 for the entire year or $13 a month and you are provided a 64 gallon cart and allowed an unlimited number of bags and bundles.

All yard waste not in a cart or personal can should be bagged or bundled neatly next to your cart. Vierkant Disposal no longer excepts yard waste on tarps placed at the curb for collection, tarps containing yard waste will be left at the curb. All bundles should be cut down to no longer than 3 feet in length and branches should be no larger than 4 inches in diameter. Bags of yard waste should not weigh over 30 pounds each.

For any questions about yard waste pick up, for inquiries about broken carts or additional carts, or to sign up for a subscription or per-bag service, please contact us.

To report a missed pickup or a late set-out for yard waste, please contact us.

Below are lists of what can and cannot go into your yard waste cart


YES (Acceptable Items):

Grass Clippings


Garden Waste

Plant and Shrub Trimmings



Sticks and Twigs​​

No (Do NOT Include These Items)




Pet Waste and Kitty Litter

Construction Material




Dead Animals


























For additional information about the City of Edina's garbage and recycling please visit the city page

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