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Go Green Edina Organics

Vierkant Disposal is proud to announce that as of June of 2020 we will be providing organics collection to all residents of the City of Edina. Vierkant Disposal was awarded the city's organics collection contract and began the rollout of brand new organics recycling carts to every home in Edina last summer. Below is all the information residents should need to get started. As always any questions can be directed towards our office staff at 612-922-2505.

What goes in my organics cart?


Below is a list of items excepted in your curbside organics cart.

For a printable version of this list please click here.

YES (Acceptable Items):

Food Scraps

Fruits and Vegetables

Meat, Fish, & Bones

Bread, Pasta, & Baked Goods

Egg Shells

Dairy Products

Coffee Grounds


Paper Products

Paper Towels & Napkins

Paper Plates & Cups

Pizza Boxes

Egg Cartons

Paper Bags (flour & sugar)

Paper Containers (remove metal handles)

Coffee Filters and Tea Bags


Tissues & Cotton Balls

Houseplant & Flower Trimmings


Certified Compostable Plastic Products

(Look for BPI certified on products)

No (Do NOT Include These Items):

Shredded paper


Plastics, Metal, or Glass*

Plastic Bags or wrappers

Juice Boxes and Milk Cartons

Foil-Lined Containers

Condiment Packets

Diapers & Wipes

Kitty Litter & Pet Waste

Full Vacuum Cleaner Bags

Construction Materials

Dryer Lint


Candy Wrappers

Grass, leaves, sticks

Dirt, Rock, or Sand

No Garbage - No Recycling - No Yard Waste

How often is my organics picked up?

Vierkant Disposal collects organics curbside every week on the same day as your trash day. Organics collection will continue weekly throughout the winter. Please make sure to have your cart to the curb by 7 am on your trash day.

Can I get a Larger or Smaller Organics Cart?

Residents were delivered the standard 35-gallon cart. If you would like to request the larger 64-gallon cart or a second 35-gallon cart please contact us.

Do I have to participate?

Residents were delivered a 35-gallon cart for the program but do not have to keep the cart. To opt-out of the cart, you may reach the city of Edina organics recycling coordinator Twila Sing at  952-826-1657 or and request your cart be picked up. Carts set out for pickup must be visible from the street and be accessible to our drivers. Carts will be removed from the property within two weeks of the request so please keep the cart visible until it is picked up. If you move from your address your organics cart stays at the residence along with your recycle cart. If you have recently moved into your home in Edina and do not have an organics cart or you simply opted out of a cart and want to receive one, please call our office to have a cart delivered to your home.

Can I continue placing my organics with my yard waste in my old cart?

No. Vierkant Disposal no longer accepts organic material mixed with your yard waste. If you wish to participate in organics recycling you must use your new city organics only cart. Your old cart will now only be used for yard waste.

How do I keep my cart clean?

The easiest way to keep your cart looking clean is by bagging all food scraps. Residents can use certified compostable plastic bags or paper grocery bags. We recommend double bagging all food waste by placing a large paper lawn bag to line your cart and then place your food in smaller, compostable plastic bags. We also always recommend residents rinse out their carts each week after collection with a garden hose. If you wish to give your cart a more thorough cleaning, a bit of dish soap and water can do wonders as well.

For more information on the city of Edina's organics program please visit the city's organics recycling page. For information on Hennepin County's organics requirements for cities, click here.

***Please note if you wish to bag your organics, all items must be placed in a paper or certified compostable plastic bags. NO PLASTIC***

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